Flipcause Live: Mobile App & Card Reader

Payments & check-ins, in the field and on-the-go

Convenient, Portable & Secure Payments & Check-Ins

The Flipcause App is a great solution for your live events and on-the-go payments. Easily process one-time and recurring mobile payments, send receipts, and check in volunteers and event participants through a friendly, easy to use interface.

A Mobile Card Swiper for quick processing

With the Flipcause Card reader, you can securely process credit/debit card payments via magnetic stripe. It's easy to enter manual credit card payments and process cash payments too! Plus, you can set up payment profiles to easily add taxes, notes, and more.

One-Click Check-Ins for Events & Volunteers

Access all of your Event Participants and Volunteers through the Flipcause app for one-click check-ins and check-outs. All check-in/out activity is timestamped and syncs in real time with your Flipcause campaigns and reports.

Get the Flipcause App for iOS or Android

The power of Flipcause payments & events, right in your pocket

Process Credit Card, Debit Card and Cash Payments

A Simple, Easy to use interface

Customizable Payment Profiles for Quick Processing

One-time and Recurring Payments
One Click Registrant and Volunteer Check-Ins

Check-In Activity Syncs with your Campaigns & Reports

Dedicated Support from Success Team

Convenient, Portable & Secure Payments & Check-Ins

Get to know the Flipcause Card Reader

Convenient and portable card reader for magnetic stripe cards.

Magnetic stripe reader with bi-directional card reading capability

Rechargeable battery with LED battery status indicators, with cable included

Card reader is available for all Flipcause accounts

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